Money in your “20-something’s”

Hey readers! Let’s talk about money. You know, the thing we all want and can never really have enough of? Yep that’s the one!


Hey readers! Let’s talk about money. You know, the thing we all want and can never really have enough of? Yep that’s the one! I wanted to take a second to offer some advice that has helped me out A LOT because if you’re anything like me you either didn’t know these things or you irresponsibly ignored all the advice that was given to you. If that’s you, then this post is just what theMONEY GOD’S prescribed.

Things you should know.

Rainy Days

I know, I know. You’ve been lectured about the importance of saving your whole life right? But do they tell ALL the reasons saving your money can make your life a whole lot easier? First up is an emergency fund. This fund should be kept separate from your regular savings so you’re not as tempted to touch it. Having an emergency fund is so important because it acts as a safety net during hard times. Let’s say your job is laying people off and unfortunately you just so happen to be one of them? Finding a new job can be hard and it can also take time. During that time you’re going to need to continue paying bills and living life. This is where you’re emergency fund comes in handy. To get started you should save at least $1000 dollars as soon as possible. From there you will want to keep contributing and a good rule of thumb is to have at least three to six months worth of expenses saved up. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself.

Debt? Oh boy!

This is one of the MOST important reasons why having an emergency fund is necessary! From student loans, to credit cards, to simply borrowing money from a friend if you can avoid it, RUN in the opposite direction now! If you don’t have any debt at all don’t start now. Never borrow money unless you absolutely have to and try to make sure it’s the last resort. If you do have debt or have a credit card or two. Pay it down, cut up the card and hop on that emergency fund train. There are other ways to build your credit. Trust me. I’ll make a separate post about the pros & cons of credit cards and staying up on your credit score/report.

Time to RELAX!

Talking about retirement when you’re only in your 20’s seems a bit weird huh? Let’s be real, if we live to see retirement age (I hope I do) it’s freaking light-years away right?! While that feeling may be true time speeds up once you reach adulthood. I mean personally, I feel like I was 21 yesterday and now I’m 25. It’s crazy because the time flew by and I can already feel 30 creeping up on me. The time is now to prepare for the future. No one wants to be 70 and have to worry about money and live paycheck to paycheck. It can’t hurt to start researching ways to invest your money, contribute to a 401K, or find out if your bank offers savings certificates. All of these things help you to make money from the money you’re already saving. It’s literally like watching your money babies grow. You’ll thank yourself when you’re chilling at a resort in some place like Santorini, Greece enjoying the scenery with not a care in the world.

You Fund

Lastly, You need to make a YOU FUND. You’ve reached your twenties and now you’ve got responsibilities but that doesn’t mean the fun is over. Actually, the fun has JUST begun. You’re finally out on your own, living life by your own rules and you’ve got some things on your bucket list that have to get crossed off! I get it. You just have to be smart about it. Contribute to this you fund as often as possible and that way when it’s time to go backpack through Europe, jet ski in Miami, and let whatever happened in Vegas stay in Vegas you’ll be prepared. I’ve learned that the key to your 20’s is finding the balance between living life to the fullest & planning for your future. You’ve got this.


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